2020 BMW X6 Changes, Redesign and Engine

Since the next generation of the mid-size luxury SUV is due to 2021, the 2020 BMW X6 will bring the final redesign in the second generation. The next X6 will equivalent Mercedes GLE Class.After the initial success of the X5 SUV, BMW decided to launch slightly bigger vehicle. From concept in 2007 to production version a year after, and hybrid and M models in 2009. After it hit the major success, the BMW X6 started to slow down and maintain the achieved position.2020 BMW X6 Changes, Redesign and Engine

2020 BMW X6 Changes, Redesign And Engine

2020 BMW X6 Redesign

While we are waiting for the new, third generation of X6 crossover, the German carmaker will redesign the existing model. It could show us what to expect from the next SUV. In two years, many things are about to change, especially the high-end infotainment features.2020 BMW X6 Changes, Redesign and Engine


The 2020 BMW X6 will use more lightweight materials. The crossover will gain a mile or two in MPG rating.Some parts, such as bumper and headlight are getting a new shape. The company leaves their kidney grille without modifications.2020 BMW X6 Changes, Redesign and Engine

2020 BMW X6 Changes, Redesign And Engine

Bellow in the gallery you can find fantastic rendering photos of upcoming X6, provided by Aksyonov Nikita.

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Inside, as always, BMW X6 will be full of the latest features and accessories. It is very hard to compete with German carmaker in this segment. Comfort and entertaining are on the highest level.

2020 BMW X6 Changes, Redesign And Engine

2020 BMW X6 M Package

If you are not happy with engine, specs, comfort, and styling of the regular model and you need a more aggressive vehicle, then 2020 BMW X6 M will be a good choice. Of course, the cost is significantly higher. Buyers of this version will get a huge drivetrain with 570 hp and 550 lb-ft of torque.With such breathtaking numbers, the design language must be aggressive to be compatible. Various modifications are bringing the X6 M to another level.2020 BMW X6 Changes, Redesign and Engine

Return of the Hybrid Drivetrain?

One of the rumors that caught our attention is about 2020 BMW X6 Hybrid version. Well, the mid-size crossover had such edition back in 2009. It lasted only for a season.Now, when the entire industry is in the electrifying process, the BMW could consider the return of this powertrain type. This rumor is not confirmed. The Bavarian carmaker already offers X5 with the iPerformance package, so the next one to get it could be its bigger sibling.

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2020 BMW X6 Competitors, Release Date, Price.

The main rival of the 2020 BMW X6 comes from the same country. It seems like that no other vehicle can keep the pace with BMW and Mercedes-Benz.With so many upgrades, the 2020 BMW X6 could cost over $65,000. The company will definitely launch redesigned X6 by the end of this year.

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