2022 Ford F150 Rendering, Specs, & Engine

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2022 Ford F150 Rendering, Specs, & Engine. 2022 Ford F150 from the information we got recently, 2022 Ford F150 Electric got a new rendering based on some insider information– giving us our best look at the upcoming electric pickup truck.

2022 Ford F150 Pictures

This is very interesting to discuss. Because of this we try to review it as best we can what we have got.

2022 Ford F150 Electric Information

In the previous year when Ford announced electric cars in 2018, Ford announced plans to “bring 16 battery-electric vehicles to market” starting with an all-electric CUV with a range of 300 miles, which became the Mustang Mach-E.

2022 Ford F150 Images

The carmaker is still more focused on hybrids than electric vehicles.

The most important vehicle program, the F150 pickup truck, should only get hybrid powertrain in 2023, but the landscape has changed a lot.

2022 Ford F150 Price

Last year, Ford finally confirmed that it planned to bring the all-electric version of F150 to the market.

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They launched a prototype version of an electric pickup truck that pulled more than 1 million lbs of trains and confirmed plans to bring the production version to market by 2022.

At that time, Ford was expected to update the design of the F150 pickup truck lineup and now we see what the 2022 Ford F150 Electric looks like.

2022 Ford F150 Rendering

Information from friends on the F150gen14 (dot) com forum published the following Ford F-150 Raptor 2022 rendering. They claim the rendering is based on inside information and that this new truck will be available in the next 24 months as a 2022 model. This is not something we are officially waiting for information from Ford.

This rendering took the 2022 Ford F-150 new prototype styling and further extrapolated with the touch of the Ford Raptor.

This means adding wide-bodied front and rear fenders, “FORD” Raptor signature grills, skid plates, and more.

Rendering is available in three different colors, but (I think) there is no sort of trim or ventilation on the hood.

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If the next 3rd generation Raptor will be available as a 2022 model, does that mean no Raptor 2022 will be sold?

That is possible, but I think the 2nd generation Raptor will continue for 2022 with styles and features that are largely unchanged.

The new 2022 and/ or Raptor 2022 trucks will likely get a spring around, as evidenced by the test mule seen a few months ago. Shocks to the FOX live valve performance are likely to continue to be offered.

2022 Ford F150 Engine

We don’t yet know exactly what’s under the hood of the upcoming Ford F-150 Raptor, but it is likely to be the next iteration of the 3.5 liters twin-turbo V6. Raptor 2022 can also be a gas/electricity hybrid.

This is all we know about the upcoming Ford F-150 2022.