2022 Tesla Model S Specs, Price, & Release Date

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2022 Tesla Model S Specs, Price, & Release Date. 2022 Tesla Model S we can inform The Model S is far and away from the most popular Tesla vehicle which is known for lone shifting EVS public opinion from an outdated boring person-mover high-performance engine.

2022 Tesla Model S Spy Shots

This is the model that sets the stage for all other Tesla offerings, including the top-shelf Model X SUV, and more recently, the affordable, three-door Model 3 compact.

The Model S was first introduced in 2012, which means it starts a little long in the tooth, and the second gene for full/medium size luxury sedans must head down the line in the next few years.

2022 Tesla Model S Drivetrain

We put on our speculative caps and began to find out what Model S might bring next to the table.

2022 Tesla Model S Engine

Before we learn what specifications we expect from the next Model S, let’s look briefly at the current vehicle specifications.

2022 Tesla Model S Specs

Starting the 75D, which gets a 75 kWh battery making an AWD system, sends it to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds and ranges from 259 miles per charge.

Next is the 100D model, which increases the battery pack to a 100-kWh unit, cutting a tenth of a second from speeds up to 60 mph, for a total of 4.1 seconds.

The range per charge has also increased substantially, with the possibility of up to 335 miles between plug-ins. Once again there is AWD for traction.

The outpost of the line is the P100D, which once again comes blended with a 100-kWh battery, but reduced the sprint to 60 mph to just 2.5 seconds thanks to the inclusion of the Ludicrous Mode software reflash. The range reaches 315 miles per charge.

Going forward, we hope that Model S will eventually return with its RWD model option. Tesla stopped the non-AWD model in 2017, and we would love to see it go back to the next generation.

If Tesla does that route, it will help to expand the attractiveness of the car and expand its range too.

In terms of resources, we think the battery selection should remain more or less the same as what we see today, even though Tesla may decide to add back the 60-kWh battery options that were reduced in 2017.

Some settings might give it all a few more miles and a little faster too. Superchargers will provide up to 170 miles in 30 minutes, the same as before.

At the front of the handling, the Model S powertrain is super low mounted on the chassis, giving it an exceptional center of gravity.

That said, EVs will still be very heavy, with scales above 5,000 pounds. Thus, it will be a little bruised in the corners.

Of course, there will still be an immense amount of grip thanks to the eber sticky tires and AWD system, while the advanced torque vector system will help substantially.

That said, physics is physics, no matter how you slice it, and it will take a lot to make it hang in corners.

Here’s another thing to consider– the Tesla Roadster 2.0 is at the cutting edge so it talks about the Tesla powertrain technology. It comes with crazy specifications– 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds, the torque of more than 7,000 pound-feet, a quarter-mile time of 8.9 seconds, a top speed of more than 250 mph, and as many as 620 miles per fill, all originating from three electric motors and a 200-kWh battery.

All of these numbers have not been confirmed, but Tesla has not been known to be too high in terms of performance.

With that in mind, we think maybe the next Model S might get a crazy performance edition that brings some of these parts and specifications to bear, especially the 200-kWh battery pack.

That Tesla did build things like that, it won’t be as above as Roadster 2.0, but it will still be very fast.

2022 Tesla Model S Specs

Please note This is very different from Tesla seen in the ‘Ring with a prototype’, but here we are in 2019 looking at the Widebody Tesla Model S who is preparing to run a record in Green Hell.

We know very little about the car itself, but as you can see from the picture above, this car has wider tires and, therefore, requires wider fenders.

There is also a much larger opening in the front bumper, perhaps to channel extra air to the electric motor in front and help keep the battery cool under such a heavy load.

There are also spoilers behind to help add additional downforce. What we don’t know is what power output this specific model has.

Does the Tesla tamper with the motor and battery to provide a range of killing power just to make these note settings run? Is the configuration the same as the current P100D with a few minor changes here and there?

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Either way, it wasn’t long ago that Elon Musk said there would be no major updates to the Model S in the future. The next-generation model will not happen anytime soon.

There will be an update to help modernize the current design– as it did in 2017– the model used here in an effort to set a record can provide some clues about what we can expect from that model or even crazier models that can be released in the future.

Until then, enjoy the spy shot gallery that we added to the gallery at the bottom of this page and enjoy this speculative review that was rewritten when the next generation Model S was expected.

2022 Tesla Model S Exterior

From the exterior side of the latest rendering section that you see here belongs to Emre Husmen, an Industrial, Automotive and Product Designer with a clear talent for creating some truly great looking works of art.

To help predict what the second generation 2022 Tesla Model S will look like, Emre took the cue from the extraordinary second-generation Roadster that Tesla introduced in November 2017.

The layout that used to include the five-door fastback body style, but also incorporates various folds and sharp cuts that make it more aggressive.

Upfront, the fascia exhibits a wide, low E horses Model S, with the minimum intake and openings needed to keep the EV powertrain cool.

The headlamps are much slimmer than before, stretching to the front fenders and cruel-looking corners. The lower element for the house gives the C-shaped headlamps the design, with the laser lighting element adding forward lighting, and the hexagon half adds an extra spark of style.

Viewed in profile, the new Model S looks very cruel. The short front overhang, while the rear protrudes out from the axle, gives a very interesting overall proportion.

Increasing this is a set of round fenders in the front, while the rear fenders rise to meet the beltline and add extra suppleness too. Under the wheel well, you will find a plus-size alloy wheel 21 inches in diameter.

We also rather like the sharp lines of character rendering along with the door and the bottom side of the skirt, both of which add more visual impact to the design. Pillar-C, in particular, makes us look at lust.

Moving back, we found a Kammback-style tail, which was flattened down from the spoiler section flicked up. The rear hatch combines a large piece of glass, while the rear lights wrap from the rear fenders to the dividing line that sits at the same level as the profile shoulder line.

Air vents are seen directly behind the rear wheels, while the black diffuser element eases the atmosphere under the car in a sleek and inconspicuous way.

At the rear, we also found a chrome connector for the backlight and OLED for lighting purposes. The abbreviation “OLED” stands for organic LEDs, and this technology allows the rear lights to change their color depending on whether the driver reverses brakes or shows turns.

All told, we hope that the next Model S will be very aerodynamic. The current model has a confirmed drag coefficient (Cd) set at 0.24, which is one of the slickest CDs on the market today.

The next model should post at least 0.24 too, although, considering the impetus for ever-increasing performance, it can definitely be better. A 0.2 may be in range at the time of the Model S second-scene gene.

The slippery profile is very important in terms of performance and range, both of which are vital characteristics for modern EVs. Every element, from the front splitter to the rear diffuser, to the side skirts, must be perfectly sharpened to slice the air with high efficiency.

Even the door handles will be hidden to the door panels to help him in that regard.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that this particular rendering is not necessarily optimized for aero efficiency, hence all sweepers and cuts on body panels. These things might not see inclusions in the production model, but we think they look great all the same.

Under a fresh bodywork, the Model S will most likely be equipped with a carbon fiber chassis to keep the curb weight as low as possible. If you don’t get a full carbon chassis, then the new Model S will definitely have additional composite pieces compared to the exit model, all on behalf of more speed and more miles per fill.

For now, the Model S measures 116.5 inches with a wheelbase, while overall length reaches 196 inches, overall width is 86.2 inches, the front track is 65.4 inches, and the rear track is 66.9 inches.

By tradition, we hope that the next generation will grow a little in some (or even all) of these dimensions. Specifically, cases related to length, width, and wheelbase, all of which may require one or two inches to make it stand out in the luxury segment.

2022 Tesla Model S Interior

In this section of the latest generation Model S, you will find completely new interior design, something that brings a bit more drama and style than the rather sterile aesthetics seen in Model 3 and Model S.

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Of course, there must be a lot of overlap from the old model too, especially in the center console, where we found a typical Tesla infotainment hub with a very large digital screen to provide all the user input needed.

For now, the Model S comes with a 17-inch screen, but we think the next generation can get things up to 19 inches in diagonal measurements.

Regardless, we are pretty sure Tesla will incorporate some OLED technology for the central screen too, while rendering also adds an OLED screen to the steering wheel.

The dashboard part of the steering screen can be found to the left and right of the central Tesla logo, with touch-sensitive buttons for the entertainment system and driver assistance. The wheel itself is also reshaped, moving from a simple flat-bottom wheel to a more geometric octagonal arrangement.

Just like the current model, next-gen will once again be very quiet inside, thanks in large part to the all-electric powertrain and low drag coefficient. Drivers will enjoy heated steering wheels, while front and rear passengers will dig heated seats.

And don’t forget the onboard air filtering system, which seems to have the ability to provide protection against full bioweapon attacks. They said.

One thing that is sure to look forward to is the new and improved Autopilot feature, which when the next generation S Model arrives will achieve full Level 5 Autonomy capability.

And that means the car will be able to drive itself from A to B without any human input, basically acting as a fully self-driving transport pod when desired.

That said, a large series of Model S sensors will make it super safe if you decide to take back the wheels yourself, with standards such as lane-keep assist, blind-spot monitor, automatic braking, and more to make everything as automatic as you want.

The car will also be very safe, with a sophisticated collision structure that creates a high level of endurance from large impacts thanks to the low powertrain that is placed at the.

In addition, the next-generation Model S will also come with plenty of storage space, with rear trunk and front trunk (or “frunk” as it is called in the Tesla language) for cargo, all of which are provided by the lack of a large internal combustion engine.

The Model S will once again accommodate 5 adults, plus 2 children behind the back seat, although there must be a lot of extra space thanks to the larger exterior dimensions.

At the top, look for the Model S to once again use a plus-size glass roof, which, as usual, allows a lot of ambient lighting into the cabin. Complementing natural lighting will be a set of LEDs for extra color-changing lighting at night.

The next Model S will also not skimp on infotainment goods. Standard specifications will throw in various USB ports for mobile device support, while expandable stereo will come with support for XM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone application support, and all the other entertainment features that you expect.

There should also be a set of cellular application control features, such as calling features, system status readings, cabin conditioners, and more. A Wi-Fi connection and a choice of voice command features will enhance it.

The over-the-air software update will keep it on the latest and the best that Tesla’s casket has to offer.

2022 Tesla Model S Price and Release Date

Prices for the Model S currently start at $ 66,000 for the 75D, $ 85,500 for the 100D, and $ 120,700 for the P100D. Overall, we can certainly see marginal price increases for the next-generation model, perhaps with an additional $ 3,000 to $ 4,000 added across the board.

What’s more, if Tesla really adds a high-performance model, it’s likely to be in the range of $ 150,000, while the 60-kWh battery option can return at $ 55,000.

If seen from this side, to be honest, the 2022 Tesla Model S doesn’t really have that much competition. That said, people from Stuttgart did offer a Panamera hybrid that almost found the same mix of performance, efficiency, and practicality as the known Model S.

Starting from that is the standard Panamera 4 E-Hybrid, which can be obtained for $ 99,600 and is equipped with 462 combined horsepower, time of 4.4 seconds to 60 mph, and AWD.

Is the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, which raises the bet with 680 combined horsepower, time of 3.2 seconds to 60 mph, and again, AWD grip. Prices for Turbo jumped to $ 184,400.

Hopefully, this information can help you to increase your knowledge about 2022 Tesla and useful for you all. We will continue to monitor the latest information that we will update on this website. Happy wonderful day!