2023 Volvo V60 Cross Country Release Date, Price, AWD, Specs

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2023 Volvo V60 Cross Country Release Date, Price, AWD, Specs. How many good reviews sounded always against the wagon, which is manufactured by 2023 Volvo. Apparently, she had not forgotten how to do it. And access to the car light called 2023 Volvo V60 another confirmation. Debut model was held back in 2010 and updated it three years later.

2023 Volvo V60 Cross Country Pictures

Strange, but in Russia, it is quite modest rates of sales of the station wagon, while in Europe– is one of the most popular cars in this body today.

Anyway, the car I want to explore. Now it is available in two variations. Namely, as a version of the classic motors, and hybrid, which has its own name– Plug-In Hybrid. The difference is, in fact, only in the technical specifications. The rest, except for a minor detail, it’s the same machine. Because consider and study their possible as a single unit.

2023 Volvo V60 Cross Country Redesign

2023 Volvo V60 Cross Country Release Date, Price, AWD, Specs

V60 Specifications

Let’s start with the classic motors. For 2023 Volvo B60 provides just nine engines, five of which operate on gasoline, and four– on diesel fuel. Each of the engines has a turbo, but the extent of forcing different.
Petrol. The youngest of four-cylinder gasoline and got a 1.6 liter volume. This allows you to give 150 horsepower and a torque of 240 Nm.
The second engine– it forced the younger. They have an identical volume and torque, but the power has increased– 180 horsepower. The next was the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine with 203 horses of power and torque at 300 Nm.
There in the line and five-cylinder engine with 2.5 liters of displacement. They suffice for the issue of 249 horsepower and 360 Nm. The top engine for the wagon among gasoline has six cylinders and three liters of volume. Its capacity is 304 horsepower, and torque– 440 Nm.


At 2023 Volvo B60 can not be traced notes of a purely family, measured vehicle. Versatile looks defiantly, aggressively sporty. And it is, apparently, and has attracted admirers of high-quality European wagons.

The front part is decorated with a stylish and quite a large optics. The inverted trapezoid grille trim is ideally complemented by chrome struts and brand nameplates Swedish company. Powerful bumper, subtle touches fog lamps, aerodynamic elements, the lines of the body make it clear that this is not just a family wagon, and very elegantly designed car designers.

Side view opens eyes to the powerful, solid car with a massive stern, a long bonnet, large and comfortable landing doors, the right radius of the wheel arches and the roofline dropdown.

The back has a stylish, sporting tips on the exhaust system under the bumper, a large tailgate, complete with stop sign on the “visor”, the elegant optics and traditional inscription “the 2023 Volvo” on the bar under the glass of a luggage compartment.

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Despite the seemingly impressive size, in fact, it was quite compact wagon that has almost identical dimensions with sedan the S60. Thus, the dimensions at the wagon as a result are:

length– 4635 mm
width– 1865 millimeters
height– 1484 mm
wheelbase– 2776 mm
curb weight– 1673-1844 kgs.


Let’s start with the fact that the interior of the wagon have made in strict accordance with the sedan and the hybrid version, respectively, with both copied.

That is, all three models have the same interior design. Is that the rear seats have a few wagons modified and added minor component compared to the S60. Comfortable front seats with pronounced lateral support, a comfortable and anatomically correct multi-function steering wheel, instrument panel modern, rigorous, yet interesting center console with controls Media and climatic equipment.

We can say that at the salon wagon 2023 Volvo V60 and V60 Plug-In Hybrid came out slightly better than that of the sedan counterpart. This is because the back was much more room should be head and landing in the salon simplified by installing a larger, more convenient doorways.

Classic touring in the normal position has a volume of 430 liters in the trunk, or 1241 liters with the rear seatbacks folded. Alas, the hybrid version that can not boast, since the installation of the batteries led to a reduction in the space.


In the versatile 2023 Volvo B60 fairly extensive set of options that are included in the basic and additional equipment. Here are some basic components:.

multifunction steering wheel.
climate control.
Cruise control.
multimedia system with touch screen.
LED fog lights.
adaptive cruise control.
Blind Spot Monitoring System.
for road signs monitoring system.
Driver behavior monitoring system.

It is known that a hybrid version will be delivered to Russia in only one configuration, which is called the Summum. In addition to the standard equipment for this class of car, the hybrid will also receive:

driver’s seat with electric adjustment position.
City seyfti system to prevent a frontal collision at a speed of up to 50 kilometers per hour.
preheating system.
Heated front seats.
modern multimedia system.
cruise control and so forth.prices.

Because of the small demand for 2023 Volvo station wagons in the Russian market is not exactly clear whether to sell these cars mounted with conventional powertrains. There are only accurate data with respect to the hybrid version.

It will be possible to buy it only in two major cities. This, of course, Moscow and St. Petersburg. The price will be started with a mark of 2.96 million rubles. As you can imagine, the pleasure is not cheap.

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2023 Volvo V60 Cross Country Release Date, Price, AWD, Specs


The first– a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine and 115 horsepower with a torque of 270 Nm.
Behind him is a 2.0-liter diesel engine with recoil 136 horses and 350 Nm.
There is one two-liter engine with a power of 163 hp and torque of 400 Nm.

The top diesel engine is presented with a 2.4-liter capacity of 205 horsepower. He has reached the level of torque of 420 Nm.
According to the CPT choice is not so great. The customer can choose between a six-speed automatic with the mechanics and the same number of gears. The all-wheel drive versions are equipped only with machine guns.

Specifications 2023 Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid

The hybrid wagon got two engines– turbocharged diesel engine and, of course, the electric motor. The role played by the diesel 2.4-liter engine with an output of 215 horsepower and a torque of 440 Nm. It drives the front wheels. The rear wheels move by the operation of the electric motor 68 horsepower with a torque of 200 Nm. It feeds on the lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 11.2 kWh.

There are three options for movement on the hybrid wagon:

  • Only through the work of the electric motor.
  • Only through the work of the diesel engine.
  • due to the work of two power plants.

In the case of the participation of an electric motor and a diesel engine, to the first hundred car can accelerate from standstill in 6.1 seconds. Maximum speed at the same time– about 230 kilometers per hour.

A full battery charge only enough to overcome 50 kilometers. To fully charge it, you need to 3.5-7 hours. Watching a current source at the same time will be used.


It is strange that such a car as 2023 Volvo B60 is not caught in the Russian market. Of course, he still has the time and capacity. Our customers prefer mostly solid and sports sedans and wagons are perceived more as a workhorse or cars for full families.

Swedish experts have proven that the wagon could equally well serve as a family car and a powerful, daring, sports car. European reviews of the owners is clearly confirmed. Well not to force the Russians to buy is now because of this such machines. Those who understand the sense in reliable, high-quality, beautiful cars, be sure to turn its attention to a copy of a 2023 Volvo V60.