Astron Omega 1 Turbo Engine: The Future of Internal Combustion Engine?

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A start-up business from the United States has actually established a magnificent turbo engine. The maker ought to appropriate for usage as a drive for cars, ships, and planes.

Astron Omega 1 Turbinenmotor 169FullWidth 4e853fb7 1865950.jpg

To start with, our cover photo’s analysis of what’s swept over the top: it’s a Jaguar C-X75, very first constructed with turbo drive, then Formula 1 tech, and lastly without it at all. Turbo is the keyword for a magnificent brand-new engine concept from an American start-up.

Astron Omega 1 Turbinenmotor 169FullWidth 4e853fb7 1865950.jpg

Disc rather of piston

The core concept of the compressor turbo rotary piston engine (precise technical category is hard …) is to drive a hollow drive shaft through 2 independent double discs. The very first set of discs serve as a compressor for the consumption air, while the double-disc 2 is accountable for the combustion and for that reason the real work.


Astron Omega 1 Turbinenmotor 169FullWidth 4e853fb7 1865950.jpg

” Hot” profile of a disc engine with a mix burner.

For this function, a groove and a pin rounded on one side are set up on each counter-rotating disc. The groove is the compression chamber or combustion chamber, and the pin serves as a type of piston that compresses the consumption and combustion mix. If you just understand train stations at this moment: have a look at the photo gallery or video listed below to influence you, the concept behind it is really easy.

Boost pressure as much as 14 bar

Astron guarantees a variety of benefits over standard piston engines. Beginning with increase pressure, which hardly ever goes beyond 1 bar in a standard car engine, the Astron turbo engine compresses the consumption air as much as 14 bar. This exceptionally high increase pressure is developed to guarantee that no extra sealing procedures are needed compared to piston rings in basic engines– there is no “time” for the consumption and combustion mix to get away from the dust. This in turn minimizes friction compared to piston engines, decreases fuel intake, and broadly opposes the Wankel engine’s greatest design defect.

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Generally speaking, the friction or power loss inside the engine is considerably lowered compared to a reciprocating engine. No valve train, no crankshaft, no linking rod. Rather of pumping oil through the engine or utilizing coolant to work, the turbo engine is cooled by the air flow around the engine and the hollow shaft. There are just the discs, Astron calls them integrating equipments, and the device’s bearings should be provided with lube. Given that no oil can get in the combustion chamber, emission worths are lowered.

Due to the building, it is not required to deflect the force by methods of various elements; when the burner turns, the drive shaft turns at a concurrent speed. And at rather an amazing speed. If 1,000 rpm idle is still at a relatively civilian level, things get vibrant: the device ought to spin as much as 25,000 rpm, with each transformation representing one combustion procedure– suggesting the Astron Omega 1 counts as a two-stroke engine, it simply does not Oil plumes.

Not every transformation needs to fill a responsibility cycle: the control of the injection timer and ignition ought to not trigger any combustion procedure to run for numerous transformations at low load, which might lead to shooting just when every 50 transformations, Astron baptizes “avoid fire” innovation. This is approximately similar to cylinder deactivation in contemporary piston engines, and thanks to its design, the Omega 1 resumes operation right away when performance is required, with no hold-up.

Astron Omega 1 turbine engine

162 hp and just 15 kg

The weight of the device is extremely low thanks to an easier design and less elements than a basic car engine– Astron discusses the intricacy of an easy mower engine. A basic module with 162 DIN hp and 230 Nm of torque ought to just weigh 15 kg because every moped engine is much heavier. It gets back at much better: In mass production, the whole item must cost around $1,000

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Sound too great to be real? Kinda yes: So far, the Astron Omega 1 exists just as a computer system simulation, no working model. Astron actually desires to intend greater, as a performance-enhancing version will be utilized in the airplane. For reasonable factors, severe reliability is needed there, so the elements utilized are made from greater quality products such as titanium rather of aluminum, however the expense needs to be a portion of the expense of a regular airplane turbine.

According to Astron, the whole item has actually been patented in all significant world markets. Now is the time to put the strategy into action and construct a genuine working example for screening. We remain tuned.

A 15 kg engine with 162 hp– not just car and bike makers will be lining up for this, however numerous other applications from marine propulsion to generators would be perfect for this power pack. Sadly, as of now, the task just exists on computer systems. Lots of essential concerns stay unanswered, from usage to impurity worth and stability to real mass production prices. We’re utilized to amazing statements from the Stromer location by now, so why not provide an intriguing internal combustion engine concept an opportunity to alter?