Ford Escort MK2 Comeback: News & What We Know So Far!

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Ford Escort MK2 Comeback: News & What We Know So Far!. The forthcoming Ford Escort MK2 is making a comeback. This model will be sold in the UK and it will be a road-legal car. Nowadays, if you want to buy a classic Escort MK2 version, you have to pay at least $70,000. Thanks to the Motorsport Tools and the Great British Sports Cars, you can now buy this model for less money.

Ford Escort MK2 Concept

New model is on its way but many of the details are still a mystery. We know engine specs, its price and the release date. This is a perfect chance to grab a classic car such as Escort MK2, so here’s everything you need to know.

Engine Specs

The same story continues under the bonnet. New Ford Escort MK2 will hide a 2.5-liter Duratec engine under its hood. This engine will produce slightly above 200 horsepower. The manufacturer will provide a six-speed manual transmission. Interestingly, it is a Mazda’s gearbox, something no one expected.

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Ford Escort MK2 Redesign

The second manufacturer that is responsible for new Escort MK2 is the Great British Sports Cars. Two companies will also deliver ATR billet throttle bodies and brand-new brake calipers. ATR coilovers are also available, along with the modern power steering system.

Exterior Design

From what we know, Motorsport Tools is the company that have produced the MK2 bodies for years, before its end of the production. The same will happen today, but this time we should expect a more modern approach.

Ford Escort MK2 Spy Shots

Still, the manufacturer will maintain Escort’s recognizable stance and shape. Look at it as an old model with more modern styling cues. However, we don’t have the exact picture of how the new model could look like.

Ford Escort MK2 Price

As we said, you can get this classic rally-car for around $70,000. It is a true rally legend with the rear-wheel-drive system. However, new Ford Escort MK2 will cost $60,000. It isn’t cheap but it is a more affordable offer that you can’t miss as a true rally fan.

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Two manufacturers will also deliver unique interior details and additional optional equipment. Thanks to that, you could end up paying slightly below $80,000 for this model.

Release Date

Legendary Ford Escort MK2 will make a huge comeback later this year. First prototypes will arrive in the coming weeks, according to reliable reports. Exact release date is not specified. It isn’t official Ford’s car, but it will surely excite the fans around the whole globe. This model will be firstly sold in the UK.