New 2023 Honda HRV Redesign, Specs, Release Date

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2023 Honda HRV Redesign, Specs, Release Date – Americans are awestruck by crossover SUVs. they’re among the most sought-after kind of vehicle in the USA at the moment and are rapidly moving up the ranks of pickup trucks in terms of sales. In order to be successful in such a highly competitive field, it is essential that they are useful, safe, inexpensive and comfortable. These are qualities which are a perfect description of that 2023 Honda HRV. In 2023, the compact crossover will receive minor upgrades and modifications to ensure it remains attractive against its many rivals: The Kia Seltos, Mazda CX-30 and the Chevrolet Blazer to mention just some. With a bare 141-horsepower 1.8-liter inline-4 motor that is mounted on the front and an auto-shifting continuously variable transmission The HRV crossover isn’t to any in any way a thrilling car to drive and it comes with everything a home-based American family might require with room as well as comfort and plenty of options.

The HRV cross-over from Honda was given facelifts in mid-life in 2019, but it did not change in 2020. In the model year 2023, Honda added new wheel designs to the Sport, EX, and EX-L models. The Sport trim now comes with privacy glass as an option, and the Touring trim was removed out of the range completely. The US hasn’t received the third-generation HRV as did other countries and is expected to receive one that’s specifically tailored to the needs of its customers in the near future.

2023 Honda HRV Redesign

Exterior And Interior Design

In 2023, the Honda HRV isn’t a standout model but that’s not necessarily a negative thing. It is a model that has the standard proportions and height of a car that is in this class, and certain distinctive Honda design elements added to give it a boost. The new alloy wheels on some models are stunning and the privacy glass provides a sense of class for this Sport model. It’s the 2022 Honda HRV Sport is the only model that can come with 18-inch alloy wheels in matte black that make it the standout model in the line. All other models come with alloys that measure 17 inches silver-painted.

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2023 Honda HRV Exterior
2023 Honda HRV Exterior

The entire range include halogen projection headlights. Meanwhile, the Daytime Running Lights as well as the brake light are all LEDs.

In light of the ample cargo and interior space available, it’s possible you’ll be surprised to find out that 2023’s Honda HRV’s dimensions are compact, with a wheelbase of 102.8 inches. EX and LX models are the shortest. EX models, as well as the EX come with a dimensions of 170.4 inches as opposed to 170.4 inches for the Sport. Sport is slightly larger in length at 170.9 inches. The models are 63.2 inches tall, and the majority of models are 69.8 inches wide however the Sport still bucking the trend by being a little larger in width at 70.5 inches. In normal circumstances, all-wheel-drive models will be higher in relation to their front-wheel-drive counterparts, but in this instance it’s the reverse around. Front-wheel drive HRVs have an overall clearance of 7.3 inches (7.4 for the Sport) however all-wheel-drive models feature 6.7 inches of clearance (6.9 for the Sport). The curb weight is ranging from 2,906 pounds for the LX front-wheel-drive entry-level and 3,142 lbs for the all-wheel-drive EX-L.

2023 Honda HRV Interior
2023 Honda HRV Interior

As with the engine and interior, this 2023 Honda HRV is retro. It’s not as exciting on the interior like the Hyundai Kona or Kia Soul. Kia Soul or a Hyundai Kona however, the layout is sensible and feels assembled. The touchpoints are composed from high-quality soft-touch materials. All the rest is composed of a variety of gray shades tough plastic. It might not appear stunning however it is like it’s built to last for a long time even when exposed to violent toddlers.

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2023 Honda HRV Engine

This particular segment isn’t renowned for its performance that is sporty as most compact crossovers are designed for efficiency in the green instead of speed, even though they don’t have the option of a hybrid engine. Its 1.8-liter four-cylinder’s 141 horsepower as well as 127 lb-ft are sufficient specs for an naturally-aspirated engine. However, the CVT transmission doesn’t achieve the highest of these numbers. It’s a dismal 0-60 mph performance which is 8.6 seconds for front-wheel-drive models as well as 9.5 seconds for models with all-wheel drive in actual testing. Some might claim that these numbers do not matter given the competition.

2023 Honda HRV Engine
2023 Honda HRV Engine

However, it is true that the Hyundai Kona is a clear rival and its advanced engine can deliver impressive efficiency and an acceleration of six seconds from 0-60 mph during real-world tests. While some of the competitors can tow, Honda publishes no towing capacity for the HRV.

2023 Honda HRV Release Date And Price

The most affordable price for the 2023 Honda HRV model is the basic LX in front-wheel-drive mode. With a MSRP of $21,420, it’s $200 more costly than the 2023 model which is applicable to all models. Its Sport model, which comes with all its distinctive features is priced at $23,370. Its EX model, equipped with Honda Sensing, which adds all the latest safety features, costs $24,620. The EX-L model, which comes with full leather trim, costs $26,220. The all-wheel-drive system is offered in all models and is priced at more than $1,500 over the retail price of the HRV. Honda’s charge for destination is $1,225.

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