New 2024 Honda Prologue Production To Begin Soon

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2024 Honda Prologue Production To Begin Soon – Like most car companies, Honda is hectic creating a new generation of electric vehicles. They likewise have ambitious plans to attain zero-emissions objectives. Honda will launch the Prologue in2024 This all-electric SUV will be the veryfirst Honda battery electric vehicle. The Japanese carmanufacturer hopes to modification perceptions about its lack of leadership in E.V. development with the Honda Prologue 2024.


The Prologue Honda model will feature all the basic trim levels, including the LX and EX-L and the Touring and EX-L. The GM-engineered platform will be featured in this electric SUV. Its exterior and interior will show our consumers’ style and luxury.

2024 Honda Prologue Exterior

The extremely competitive E.V. will be classed as a midsize SUV, potentially with a 3rd row of seating. Honda will feature a 100-kWh Ultium lithium battery and a 340-horsepower, a rear-mounted electric motor that produces 325 lb-ft of torque. The 2024 Honda Prologue will be offered with front or all-wheel drive. It is anticipated to travel 300 miles on a single charge, possibly more power from the electric vehicle’s battery packs. There are more charging stations across North America.

E.V. Vehicles

General Motors and Honda have a collaboration to establish future E.V.s. G.M. will broaden the platform and powertrains, while Honda will design the vehicle’s body and its interior. The Acura will be the equivalent to the Prologue, and they will share the verysame battery systems. Both SUVs will usage the BEV3 electric vehicle architecture and Ultium batteries. With the Honda and General Motors sharing platforms, the vehicle’s E.V. parts will expense less. The cars will be constructed in North America at a G.M. plant created clearly for E.V. production.

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The Ultrium battery and a irreversible magnet electric motor will be paired if the Honda Prologue is developed on the specific Cadillac Lyriq luxury electric vehicle. It will produce 340 horsepower and 325 left of torque. All-wheel drive is possible as the 2024 Prologue will feature an electric SUV. This could consistof an optional front motor.

Car and Driver report that the Cadillac Lyriq can reach 80 miles in 10 minutes. It is possible to charge the car at house, which will provide you around 30 miles per hour.

2024 Honda Prologue Release Date


The Honda Prologue E.V. isn’t the first mass-market Honda electric vehicle. Although the company already has electric SUVs obtained from the Honda HR-V (called VE-1, X-NV, and the GAC-Honda M-NV), it sells them in China through its J.V. partners. There are likewise the Honda e-NS1 and Honda E: NP1 twins, which will launch later this year. In North America, the Prologue is real in its name. It will start a blitz in Honda BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) designs.


The Honda Prologue SUV will function American innovation under a Japanese shell. Honda and General Motors reached an contract in April 2020 to collectively establish two electric vehicles for Honda. The E.V.s co-developed by Honda, and General Motors will be powered by G.M.’s 3rd generation global E.V. platform.

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Third-generation global electric vehicle platforms and Ultium battery technology can produce E.V.s with remarkable capabilities. The GMC Hummer EEV and GMC Hummer EEV SUV are examples of this. These battery packs can have a optimum 800 V voltage, 200 kWh of battery energy, a 350 kW fast-charge rate, 400 miles of range, and a 0-60 milesperhour velocity of three seconds. Because it isn’t technically practical, the Honda Prologue E.V. will not get the best.


The USA will produce the Honda Prologue E.V. and its Acura spin-off. G.M., not Honda, will make these electric SUVs. Neither Honda nor G.M. have exposed the production area. Still, Jessica Fini (the spokeswoman for the Japanese automaker) has stated that an announcement will be made about it “soon,” according to the Automotive News report. The company tries to fight the Biden administration’s strategy to provide extra rewards for E.V.s produced in American factories using unionized labor.

2024 Honda Prologue Interior

According to Pulse, a report by S.Korean publication Pulse, LG Energy might construct a joint battery production center in the United States with a capacity of 40 GWh. According to the report, it would provide a battery supply for 600,000. High-performance E.V.s each year. The investment in this plant would be KRW 4 trillion. This transforms to around USD 3.3 billion. G.M. has already allied with a South Korean company to produce U.S. batteries.