New 2024 Toyota 4Runner Design and Powertrain Options

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2024 Toyota 4Runner Powertrain Options – Although the Toyota 4Runner has been around since 2009, it hasn’t seen significant changes in its design since then. Although the SUV’s exterior appearance is rugged and truck-like, it has never been a problem. Critics and long-time fans have complained about the car’s poor gas mileage, limited powertrain options, and fossilized interior.

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Toyota’s mid-size SUV, the 4Runner, is a great choice. However, outdated technology has been limiting its capabilities in recent years. The 2009 model, which was the latest generation, has more than a decade worth of ancient features and minor improvements. The 4Runner is too old for an upgrade. TRD Pro was introduced in the year 2024. There are many things to look forward to with the Toyota 4Runner 2024. The 4Runner could be on the roads next year.

2024 Toyota 4runner Design

The launch of the Toyota 4Runner 2024 seems to be in late 2024, following the model year launch trends. This gives Toyota a year for tuning and debugging before releasing the refined 6th generation 4Runner.


Toyota’s TNGAF platform is used in the new 4Runner. It has underpinned both the Toyota Land Cruiser (last year) and Toyota Tundra (previous year). This platform will also be integrated into global markets to save production costs. In the past, Hilux trucks and other overseas exclusives had their platforms.

Some believe that the new platform might also change the exterior of the Toyota 4Runner. HotCars render suggests that the new platform could look closer to a Land Cruiser with identical taillights. It could also inherit styling cues from the Toyota Fortuner, such as a sloped roof at its rear.

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We have only had one significant change since then. Even though it was many years ago, the style has remained the same for seven to eight years. Although there were some visual updates, the overall design remained unchanged. The mechanics remain the same. That’s a significant difference. The Toyota 4Runner 2024, although it’s an older model, is still capable and rugged. TRD Pro is the most powerful version, but all versions offer impressive off-road capabilities. TRD Pro includes upgrades like TRD front springs and FOX shock absorbers. TRD Pro models also have a roof rack and skid boards specifically designed for them. The unique grid design is also included. 2024 Toyota 4Runner Redesign

2024 Toyota 4runner Concept

Here is where the 2024 Toyota 4Runner Redesign shines. This SUV belongs to a different time in automotive history. Just look at the control panel. It is made mainly of hard plastics and has been dedicated. It is very durable, and the construction quality is superb. The cabin is functional and spacious, even though it is not visually appealing. Standard models can hold up to five people. However, you have the option of adding a third row. Even though it is small, the third row can be pretty helpful. High visibility and excellent visibility from all directions make the driving position ideal.


Toyota 4Runner will have only one engine in 2022. It is a 270-horsepower V-6 coupled with a five-speed automatic transmission. Although it performs well in cruising and off-road conditions, highway speeds can be challenging. The 2022 4Runner also has the highest fuel consumption, at 16/19 mpg highway/city.

Toyota 4Runner’s new base engine is expected to be a four-cylinder with 275 horsepower and 317 Lb-ft torque. It only produces 278 lb-ft of torque and doesn’t have the best power delivery to meet the 4Runner’s requirements. The 4Runner will likely get an eight-speed automatic gearbox that matches the V-6. This will undoubtedly improve its gas mileage. Rumors suggest that the 4Runner may bring an optional 389-horsepower V-6. This engine is already standard on the Tundra truck.

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2024 Toyota 4runner Release Daye

A hybrid option will almost certainly be available for the Toyota 4Runner by 2025. Toyota may offer the Tundra’s hybrid V-6 option to 4Runner owners, a testament to its off-roading capabilities. Gear Patrol believes that the 4Runner could get a plug-in version, similar to the Toyota RAV4 Prime. The Prime, which has 302 horsepower, is the most potent RAV4 model. The Prime can achieve an impressive 40/36 mpg highway/city and 42 miles of electric range.

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Toyota 4Runner currently has a 5-speed auto transmission. This limited number of gears allows low fuel consumption and low towing capability. The speed of 5 is so old that it doesn’t appear in any of its rivals.

The Toyota 4Runner Redesign 2024 will be upgraded to an at least 8-speed automatic transmission. The best part is that the Toyota 4Runner comes with a 10-speed manual transmission, similar to the Ford Branco. The transmission will be significantly improved, particularly with the desire to lower emissions and improve fuel economy.