Peugeot 7008: USA, Specs, Photos, & Details

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Peugeot 7008: USA, Specs, Photos, & Details. A Peugeot 7008 SUV the size of a BMW X5? This is planned for 2023 with, at the end of the day, hybrid or even 100% electric engines.

Peugeot 7008 Exterior

The horizon is clearing for the Lion, out of the doldrums of the early 2010s. Having recovered from the hair of the beast, he plans more serenely the launch of a very large SUV, able to rub shoulders with the BMW X5 and Mercedes GLE in template terms. When it comes to standing, it will rely on electrification to compete with the German 6-cylinder.

Within the PSA group, the limit for the moment is 4.64 m long in the SUV register, via the Peugeot 5008. The imminent arrival of the large sedan DS9 (4.93 m), on the same platform. the form will relaunch the project of a very large SUV badged with the Lion.

Peugeot 7008 Spy Photos

Stretching for about 5 meters, it will share its base with its future cousin DS9 Crossback, not to mention an Opel branded variant, intended for the Russian market. The arrival of the Fiat-Chrysler group in the French fold will allow the multiplication of synergies, in particular with Jeep. It is also not excluded that the platform of this Peugeot 7008 will serve, in the future, a future Grand Cherokee, or an Alfa Romeo model.

Peugeot 7008 Back to the USA

Another factor in the development of such a juggernaut at Peugeot: the ambition to return to the North American market from 2022. Of all through car-sharing fleets, where the future 308 sedans will be premiered. line. Then, subsequently, by developing its commercial network … in part thanks to Chrysler, RAM, and of course Jeep. With its future 7008, the Sochaux brand can consider competing with vehicles such as Chevrolet Blazer, Ford Edge, Hyundai Palisade, or Toyota Highlander, more generalist than German premiums. The Volkswagen Touareg would also be in the sights.

Peugeot 7008 Drivetrain

4-cylinders up to … 450 hp?

Lacking a V6 engine, let alone a V8, the Peugeot 7008 will rely on electrified 4-cylinders. Plug-in hybridization at PSA will provide 360 hp from 2023 on the high-performance 508 sedan. We can bet that the 400 to 450 hp will be largely achieved in 2023 when this large SUV is launched. It is also rumored that a 100% electric motor would be considered, taking into account the evolution of the current EMP2 underbody. You will have to count on at least EUR 45,000 to afford it.

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